The Ceremony

Have you ever been to a wedding where the ceremony is the traditional script that you've heard a hundred times?  It gets kind of boring, am I right?  Your ceremony with Magical Wedding CNY will be anything but boring!  Your ceremony will be carefully crafted and we will work together to make sure your day is as special and unique as you are!  

At Magical Wedding CNY, we want to tell your story and make your ceremony completely unique to you.  I want to know how you met, what your most memorable date was, what the proposal was like, what you love about each other.  The entire ceremony is yours to customize. 

If this sounds like something you would want, let's talk and see if we have the chemistry to make it happen!

The Magical Ceremony


My Promise to You

The Mini-Magical Ceremony


A smaller scale of The Magical Ceremony.  You want this if you still want your love story told, but you don't need a rehearsal or the Wedding Workshop.

My Promise to You

The Sweet & Simple Ceremony


A short and sweet ceremony for the couple who wants a smaller and more intimate wedding.  Wherever the location, we will make this occasion one to remember for a lifetime!  Great for couples who want a quick ceremony.

*Only offered Monday - Thursday*

My Promise to You

Your Custom Love Story


Do you already have a friend or loved one to officiate your wedding, but you want to make sure that your ceremony is perfect?  This is the option for you!  I will take the same care to write your ceremony script as if I were performing your wedding myself.

My Promise to You