Q & A

Why do I have access to everything but The Love Story?

At Magical Wedding CNY, we want you to have the best day possible, and that includes authentic reactions from you and your loved ones to your love story.  You may already know the moment that your partner knew you were the one, but on this magical day, I want you to hear it for the first time in your story. 

What if the wedding is outside your mileage?

There are always arrangements that can be made.  If we have our Chemistry Check and you really want us to perform your ceremony, we can make it work!

What if the venue doesn't allow a rehearsal?

I strongly recommend a rehearsal - which is why it is included in the price for the ceremony.  

It's not the end of the world if the venue doesn't allow a rehearsal on site.  We can do the rehearsal anywhere you can walk down an aisle!  Our goal is to work out all of your nerves and jitters so your day is just smooth sailing!